With CROMATERIA, Sirca Spa amazed Archtecture and Design World, thanks to the unlimited potentiality of the varnishing products.
We reveal the coating cycles we used: read the article published on LA RIVISTA DEL COLORE

The choice of the coating and its correct application are crucial topics, when we talk about architecture and industrial projects: how long will the coating keep? Which matters should we use? How can we modify the matters' look?

La Rivista del Colore
's art director Patricia Malavolti explains: “Architecture and Design must always deal with time: in fact it is the first variable that requires control. The main purpose of the coatings consists of protecting materials with a"waterproofing" layer in order to not let deteriorate them, not only in terms of appearance but, and above all, in terms of mechanical and unctional characteristics”. 
So we don't coat the materials just to give sensations, but also to find the right balance between the naturalness of the material and the requirements connected to maintenance, cleaning, durability.

With Cromateria, Sirca wanted to introduce these topics to the Design World: it's necessary to converse, to have a dialogue, to understand each othes, to take coatings at the service of Design. To make the choice that marks the difference.

Here you can find the coating cycles we used on the Cromateria artistic installations. The following article was published on La Rivista del Colore, “La Vernice del Legno” insert number 204.

Cromateria coating cycles - LA RIVISTA DEL COLORE