With CROMATERIA, Sirca Spa amazed Archtecture and Design World, thanks to the unlimited potentiality of the varnishing products.

We reveal the coating cycles we used: first the 12 meters high towers, made with Derthona Serramenti wooden frames.

CROMATERIA is been the Sirca exposition at Museo Diocesano di Milano during the Milano Design Week 2016.

In the amazing Sant'Eustorgio Cloister, more than 3000 visitors admired the original artistic installations, all coated by Sirca, PolistucD'AquaTechnogel and Durante & Vivan products: the 5 brands of our ONE COMPANY.

A great success came from the high towers with a spiral structure, signed by Luca Trazzi and made by Derthona Serramenti.

The 12 meters high towers have been built with wooden windows, supported by a helicoidal metal framework: a collection of finishes and treatments which show unlimited possibilities of the wood frames. Every window was submitted by AETERNUM waterborne coating cycle:
1. spray sealer
2. transparent immersion based primer
3. transparent or white spray surfacer
4. colored or pigment spray finishing

The stained Teak colored cycle is 15 years guarantee, laquared RAL color one is 10 years guarantee.