18/03/2016: CROMATERIA: Stil&Ma will be Sirca's special partner

STIL&MA takes part to CROMATERIA, the exposition promoted by SIRCA at Milano Design Week 2016. Cromateria will exhibit the installations designed by architect Luca Trazzi, including two pools realized by STIL&MA.

CROMATERIA will be open to the audience from April 12 till 17, lat Museo Diocesano di Milano, every day from 10 AM till midnignt.

STIL&MA is a company specialized in Fiberglass reinforced polyester products.

The company designs and produces a wide range of fiberglass products, not for industries only, but for private use as well.

STIL&MA is capable of high quality result on finishes and accurate care of aesthetic, providing the highest safety standards of its products. All the required certifications on the materials used are totally guaranteed.

Thanks to a high qualified staff and to the accuracy of the technic department, STIL&MA can satisfy every customer’s need, from designing phase to final realization.

The company matches the highest specialized requests, offering detailed solutions to the customers’ requirements on both complex products realization and prototypes and pre-series products to test the projects and market reactions.

Silvano Zanardo, CEO, answers:

We are small, but have no fear of exploring new paths to reach new destinations and goals! Let me explain this metaphor: for STIL&MACROMATERIA is such a brandnew challenge, because we will finally face and compete with the best exponents of design and furniture, showing our expertise and our means, which are great and valuably acknowledged.

We realize products with absolute technical precision, we manipulate the matter as required by our customers, we definitely give substance to others fantasies.

We like to give birth to the dreams of those who contact us, we love to see our customers enjoying the result of our work: that’s why we started our business realizing big and peculiar design objects, interior furniture, even working on carousels for theme parks, and for the automotive business with our high tech carbon products."