18/03/2016: CROMATERIA: Ferretti & Ferretti will be Sirca's special partner

FERRETTI E FERRETTI takes part to CROMATERIA, the exposition promoted by SIRCA at Milano Design Week 2016. Cromateria will exhibit the installations designed by architect Luca Trazzi, including a table realized by FERRETTI E FERRETTI.

CROMATERIA will be open to the audience from April 12 till 17, lat Museo Diocesano di Milano, every day from 10 AM till midnignt.

FERRETTI E FERRETTI was founded in June 1960, in Pisa district, the heart of Tuscany, originally as an handcrafting shop. Year after year, the small family business turned into a solid and relevant company, that renewed its own production following the trends but respecting the tradition of its roots.
FERRETTI E FERRETTI refined a production method ispired by the tradition, where handcrafting, experience and quality are the primary elements of every creation FERRETTI E FERRETTIcollections include betdrooms and kids rooms, beds, wardrobes, interior furnitures, all designed by selected design studios.

In order to safeguard the environment , and facing a increase of business, FERRETTI E FERRETTIchose to use the water based coatings of Sirca S.p.a. for its products, obtaining a remarkable reduction of polluting solvents in the atmopsphere.
For CROMATERIA the company realized a wide 12 meters long table, containing an exposition of many possible finishes on wood.

What does the involvement to CROMATERIA means for FERRETTI E FERRETTI?
Alessandro Ferretti, Owner of the family brand, answers:
We felt very enthusiastic when we were proposed to be involved in CROMATERIA: we believe this will make our image stronger. FERRETTI E FERRETTI is a company specialized in a handcrafting work of finishes, ready to take place into Milano Design Week.

For us, this is a ‘first time’, and the best occasion to celebrate the fisrt 50 years of our story, occurring 
rignt in 2016. Our story talks about a traditional know how, a first-class and passionat made in Italyrelized with talent, heart and technology.

We realized a great work based on a project by architect Luca Trazzi, that will be exposed in the 
cloister of Saint Eustorgio in Milan, a place full art: it’s a great recognition, and a big responsibility for us. 

Our contribute is a wide table of 12 meters, composed by 3 coupled platforms, with huge basements. This surface will expose more than 100 kinds of Sirca’s wood finishes , playing with dimensions and colors. As many of others work made for CROMATERIA, ours is to be reused too, after the exposition.