18/03/2016: CROMATERIA: Falegnameria Biffi will be Sirca's special partner

FALEGNAMERIA BIFFI takes part to CROMATERIA, the exposition promoted by SIRCA at Milano Design Week 2016. Cromateria will exhibit the installations designed by architect Luca Trazzi, including two big wooden benches and the spruce pavement around the pools, realized by FALEGNAMERIA BIFFI.

CROMATERIA will be open to the audience from April 12 till 17, lat Museo Diocesano di Milano, every day from 10 AM till midnignt.

FALEGNAMERIA BIFFI works on carpentry since almost 50 years, following up all the single steps, from cutting the raw material, to painting the finished work, including all the halfway steps: drilling, pantography and sanding.

The factory’s production includes wooden bases, rustic lamps and furniture for operations centers. FALEGNAMERIA BIFFI continued since its foundation to make its offer wider, producing on behalf of a third party stands, showcases and furniture for retail outlets, facing a market strongly tied to publicity and commercial fields, which requires fast delivery, high quality and contained budgets.

Having available a last generation CNC machinery, manual and mechanized painting and its own logistics, FALEGNAMERIA BIFFI is capable to give their customers a complete service, satisfying every custom request.

Roberto Biffi
, CEO, answers:

At CROMATERIA we will exhibit two big wooden benches, and the spruce pavement around the pools. FALEGNAMERIA BIFFI works on carpentry since 50 years, we are located next to Milan, but for the first time ever we are involved in an event related to the Design Week.

We work on behalf of a third party, and that’s why we never had a direct contact with this world before. Thanks to CROMATERIA we can finally work with architects and designers, showing our know-how, and get into the production since the beginning.

And this is fundamental to find out versatile solutions, customizing them during the experience.

We would also like to thank Sirca S.p.a. and F.a.r. Color (Sirca’s agent in Monza) for all these many years of strong partnership.

FALEGNAMERIA BIFFI’s wood, in fact, is painted with Sirca’s water based coatings, which in our products makes the difference: resistance and reliability of Sirca’s coatings contributed to make our products better!"