18/03/2016: CROMATERIA: Derthona Serramenti will be Sirca's special partner

DERTHONA SERRAMENTI takes part to CROMATERIA, the exposition promoted by SIRCA at Milano Design Week 2016. Cromateria will exhibit the installations designed by architect Luca Trazzi, including two towers made of windows, realized byDERTHONA SERRAMENTI.

CROMATERIA will be open to the audience from April 12 till 17, lat Museo Diocesano di Milano, every day from 10 AM till midnignt.

DERTHONA SERRAMENTI was founded in 1991 from a family already working in carpentry since three generations. The company is equipped with innovative technologic machinery, in order to provide the customers every requested product.

The company is specialized in producing interior and exterior windows and doors, made of solid wood. DERTHONA SERRAMENTI accurately reproduces every specific characteristic on the windows and the doors required by the style and aesthetic of the building, assuring thermal acoustic isolation. The company also works on different product solutions, from the contemporary to the more traditional style.

DERTHONA SERRAMENTI knows the importance of taylor made offer to the customers, which is today unavoidable: that’s why the company provides a consulting service specifically dedicated to the customer’s needs.


"We raised the two CROMATERIA high towers, where will be placed the two projectors which will give birth to the light show on the artificial wall.

Each tower is a structure made of windows that compose a helix, a spiral of components that lift up to the sky. All the materials used for the two structures are products taken from our catalogue, destined to be reused after the exposition.

DERTHONA SERRAMENTI is a handcrafted carpentry arrived to a third generation of family business, and during this time the communication models are changed. The future asks us to dare in terms of marketing and communication, to explain in a new way our traditional values, to dialogue with a more dynamic market, and prove that is possible to make culture even with our products, to track more clearly the line where tradition and progress meet each other.

Today, the market requires more taylor made and customized solutions, and DERTHONA SERRAMENTI answered with enthusiasm to architect Luca Trazzi’s project, thanks to an internal highly specialized team.

We’re here, in this wonderful location to say: we are affordable partners for your projects, even the ambitious ones, we listen to your needs, and we give life to your visions.